This is why???

posted on 15 Nov 2009 19:03 by kornjun5 in TVXQ
Through out my 5 years has with TVXQ! This is what make me believe in them...
This question was long time ago in the past. It was just an assumed question but we can see how TVXQ is important to them.
...Is thier friendship seem to break easily?...
If TVXQ breaks up, what will you want to do as an individual?

YH: "If that does happen, I'll gather all my members again. As the leader of TVXQ."

CM: "Well, since I'm the fragile/weakest maknae, I will have to stick with my hyungs."

JJ: "I'll probably become the top vocalist. As a TVXQ member."

YC: "I'll be composing music and lyrics. Our TVXQ songs."

JS: "Hmm.. how about soccer? Playing a game of soccer with the members is fun."

credit: sheilapiglet@soompi