posted on 12 Feb 2008 23:02 by kornjun5

Is it LOVE that's like a knife

which steals your life and soul from me.

Is it LOVE that I have to fight

to get over it every day and night.

Is it LOVE that's like a river

which make me stronger and set me free.

Is it LOVE which I feel blue

but it's you who make me stand still.

Is it LOVe that make me cry,

like a maze that never find the way out.

Is it LOVE that flies away,

that's why my world fade to grey.

Used to wonder what LOVE is like...

and do I have a right to be LOVED?

still doubt if LOve never die?

and can you tell me there's no goodbye.

Please tell me a little lie...

that you still be mine ....FOREVER...

Written By: Kornjun5+~!!!m0ja3!!!~

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